Our learning focus this week has been on following and giving instructions.  We played Simon Says with the children taking turns giving the instructions and trying to catch the class out.

In pairs, they gave each other instructions – thinking of silly things for their friend to do.  One had to pretend to be an owl, while another had to get in a box!

We read the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’.  It was a great story but we soon realised what could go wrong if the instructions were confusing.  They ended up in a pond!  We had a go at giving instructions that weren’t clear to see what would happen – “Go to the wall….we weren’t sure which wall.” “Line up….. we were confused as to where.”

We used our sounds independently to write instructions that the class had to do. We made them pull funny faces, put book bags on their heads….. it was very funny!

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