Well done to all the Chestnuts that made a pumpkin for the pumpkin competition.  The designs were really creative and scary!

Well done especially to Reuben for winning the foundation class competition.  This was then followed by a disco arranged by the PTA.  They thoroughly loved it.


We are having a focus on ‘India’ this week.

We started by exploring the climate of India then looking at the clothes they wear.  We compared it to our clothes then looked at Indian food.  We used our senses to decide if we liked the sauces.  In groups, we then made chapattis by mixing ingredients, kneading the dough and cooking it.

History afternoon

What a fabulous afternoon!  We started by talking about our own childhood and the toys we play with.  We came up with questions to ask our grandparents.  We then explored toys of the past.

With our grandparents we asked them about their childhood and explored toys they had brought in.  We were very confused that our grandparents were babies at one point!



The weather is starting to turn so we went on a walk around the school grounds.  We talked about what things we were looking for then searched carefully, looking high and looking low.

We found berries, sycamore seeds, brown leaves and conkers along with many other nature items.  We brought some back to explore in more detail.  Some children used them to make pictures….