Our Wild Day to Berry Pomeroy 

The weather was warm and sunny for our outdoor day to Berry Pomeroy Castle! Thank you so much to the volunteers who accompanied us.
-We learned about the history of the castle

-We sketched the castle and named some of its features including turrets, gatehouse, portcullis, moat and drawbridge

-We made wild wristbands using natural objects we found on our walk in the grounds

-We ate lunch by the pond

Back at school we wrote recounts about the day.  These will be in our writing folders; come and read them!

Our next Wild Day on Thursday 28th June, which will be a day at Goodrington Sands, and we are already looking forward to it.

Lifeguards from the RNLI visit our school.

We were very lucky today because we had a visit from two lifeguards from the RNLI. They told us about the different kinds of flags that we might see on beaches and how to stay safe. We know now that the safest place to swim is on a beach with lifeguards watching and that they look out for anyone swimming in the sea between the red and yellow flags. If we see a red flag on the beach we know that it is dangerous to go in the sea because there may be strong rip currents under the water. The lifeguards showed us how they rescue people who need help in the water with a rescue tube too. It was a great assembly!

Our Visit to St Andrew’s Church.


This morning we visited St Andrew’s Church as it is soon to be the church’s 700th anniversary. We were very lucky as Year 6 children walked over with us and helped us to understand what all the different parts of the church are used for and we had a great time exploring with them. We saw a beautiful wall hanging that has been made by a needlecraft group in Ipplepen and found out about the big wooden table at the altar with 5 crosses carved on it. Some of us went up the steps to the pulpit where there was a big Bible on a stand. We looked at children’s work from our school which was being displayed in the church. There was lots to see and we’d like to say a big thank you to the ladies at the church and our Year 6 friends.

Premier Sports come to tell us about their holiday club.

The Premier Sports team told us all about their half term holiday sports club in an assembly this morning. We found out all about the exciting activities they will be doing with the children and Joel from Chestnut Class, alongside one child from each of the other classes, had a try at playing a target game. The ball had to stop on the target board to score points for the team. If the ball rolled too far, it went off the board and scored zero points ! They could also knock off an opponent’s ball. What fun !