Trip to Plymouth Aquarium 

Today Chestnut Class visited Plymouth Aquarium with the reception children of Marldon Primary School. It was very exciting travelling by coach and our best bits were:

“Going in a tunnel and all of the sea creatures were on top of us.” Luke 

“Seeing Marina the mermaid because she read to us and I liked the story.” Bobbi and Noah 

“Seeing the mermaid because she was actually real!” Etta 

“I liked the mermaid because she talked about all the sea creatures.” Oliver 

“I liked seeing the jellyfish and the sharks and all the fish!” Isabel, Tessa and Beaty

“I loved it all!” Julia 

Thank you to Sophie and Naomi for coming with us and volunteering their time! 

What is the class’ favourite flavour porridge? 

This week Chesnut Class have been learning about a typical day for child in Kenya, Africa and we have been comparing similarities and differences between our lives. To help us we used a diary from an African girl called Handa and noticed things that were the same and things on our daily diaries and things that were not. Thank you very much to those of you who competed the Show and Tell challenge to support us with this.

We learned that:

“Some children walk a mile to school and they don’t have shoes.”

“There are one hundred children in the classes and only one teacher!”

“Some children eat porridge and they don’t have anything else all day.”


We read and followed instructions to make porridge and investigsted the class’ favourite toppings using tally charts. To extend our mathematical understanding, the children thought about wrote sentences to justify their findings. Out favourite topping was honey!