What was it like to be a pirate?

We really enjoyed  learning about pirates and pirate life long ago. We have:

-researched how pirates lived in books and safely online using QR codes

-counted our gold coins in groups of 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and used number lines to work out the difference when some treasure was stolen

-named and used coins in role-play

-sung a French sea shantie

-created our own pirate dictionaries and learned to talk like a pirate

-made jewellery

-talked about the rights and wrongs of stealing treasure and linked this to the British Values

 Thank you for helping us to dress as pirates on Pirate Day! We enjoyed painting our faces and creating WANTED posters of ourselves. 

What is it like in Africa?

On Thursday we welcomed back Anne Jenkins to Chestnut Class. Anne works for the charity ‘Bags of Hope’ and came to talk about life in a Kenyan school. The children showed excellent listening and interest as Anne told us that many children only have one meal a day and walk over a mile to school. We were also curious to find that the children wear school uniform similar to us and  that there are over 90 children in a class. We would like to thank Anne for giving up their time and we look forward to learning more about countries around the world next half term.


Wild Day: Berry Pomeroy Castle 

In true Wild Day style, the weather was wet and wild for our first outdoor day to Berry Pomeroy Castle! Thank you so much to the volunteers who braved the rain.

-We learned about the history of the castle

-We sketched the castle and named some of its features including turrets, gatehouse, portcullis, moat and drawbridge

-We made jewellery using natural objects we found on our walk in the grounds

-We ate lunch in the company of geese, ducks and duckings!
Our next Wild Day on Thursday 22nd June, which will be a day at Goodrington Sands, and we are already looking forward to it.



Mystery Reader: 

Last Friday we were visited by our first Mystery Reader. Ana (Julia’s Mummy) came to read “La Noche de los Piratas,” The Night Pirates; the story of three pirate girls on an adventure. With the help of Isabel and Julia, the children listened to the story in Spanish and learned some new Spanish words. Some of them sounded a lot like the English equivalent, for example -captain, capitán/ capitána. It was a great opportunity to develop our understanding of the Spanish Language and contributed to our whole school ethos that reading is fantastic and fun! 

If you would like to come into school and be our next Mystery Reader, please speak with Mrs Welsh. 

La Noche De Los Piratas 

‘Traction Girl!’ by Chestnut Class

Coming home with the children on a rotation this term will be a first edition copy of our story; ‘Traction Girl!’ The children worked in groups to create a story for Traction Girl, inspired by the Minnie Grey book, ‘Traction Man’. 

Chestnut Class magpied ‘wow’ words from a range of superhero stories and used this, and role play, to put the finished piece together. We hope you enjoy sharing it at home. A special thanks to Crowle Publishing who took the children’s’ story home and turned it into a published book for us to enjoy.

Visit from the RNLI

Today we were very fortunate to have been visited by the RNLI, who spoke to us about how to stay safe at the beach. We learned:

-what the different flags mean 

-what to do if you get into trouble in the water or if you see someone in danger 

-what lifeguards wear no how to recognise a lifeguard 

-how to protect ourselves from the sun 

Chestnut Class had some excellent questions;  Can you jump off rocks if someone says it’s safe? What happens if you wave for help with two hands? What happens if you have a toy with you and it sinks in deep water? 

We are looking forward to following the RNLI’s advice on our Wild Day to Goodrington Sands!