Escape-PEA at Orley Common!

This morning a class of superheroes were spotted on a welly walk to Orley Common. Complete with face painted masks, personalised capes and moving gadgets, the children set off to solve the case of the missing veggies and trap story villain, Evil Pea, who was promptly sent to Mrs Lacey’s Office on return to school!

In the afternoon, the children began storytelling their adventure and this will continue next week in our small work tray. A big thank you to Isabel’s mum for volonteering on the adventure and to Julia and her Mummy for helping us with our SUPER capes!


Soup for Two


Mrs Crowle supported the class with their learning of doubles in a lovely activity, in which the children had to double the quantity of ingredients to ensure there was enough soup for them and their partner. After cooking and blending the ingredients the children tasted their creations… and so did I. It was delicious!



Tasting Chinese Food

We thoroughly enjoyed tasting Chinese food, cooked for us in our school kitchen by Mrs Tuckett. We came up with super ‘wow’ words to describe the taste, look and smell; yummy, scrumptious, hot, spicy, sour, delicious, wiggly like a worm! We were also inspired to role play Chinese cooking in our classroom.


Chinese New Year in Chestnut Class

Lots and lots has been happening in Chestnut class this January. Here are a few photos of our best bits including;

-building The Great Wall of China and measuring and comparing length

-using tools to create clay sculptures

-reading and writing wishes for The Chinese Wish tree

-making fortune cookies

– making and testing wind socks

-making our own Chinese dragon to dance in

-learning about money to buy and sell bikes in a bike shop and food from our Chinese restaurant

-learning to describe and compare capacity

-learning about the similarities and differences between England and China at New Year

-researching Chinese New Year using QR codes

-tasting Chinese food and using adjectives to describe it


Reading workshops for Parents

On Wednesday 8th February the school hosted a set of reading workshops for parents, including information about Sats, phonics teaching, the Year One Phonics Screening, reading comprehension, book bands, and the importance of reading for pleasure. We were also joined by local author Jenny Leggot and the evening marked the opening of our new reading area. Many thanks go to the parents and the PTA for your support raising funds for the school, which helped to purchase many of the new books for the children.