All About Autumn!

Chestnut Class have had a very busy start to the term. We have been learning all about the Autumn season. Our book focus has been all about Isaac the Hedgehog in Wide Awake Hedgehog. We have talked lots about hibernation and what animals need to do before they hibernate and we have discovered that some animals fly to warmer places and migrate for the winter.

The children in Chestnut Class enjoyed an Autumn Scavenger Hunt where we found a Christmas ELF!!! We recorded all of the different signs of autumn we could see and talked about why we maybe couldn’t find certain objects (pinecones, acorns and berries…. we think the squirrels have already eaten them).

We collected small, thin sticks ready to create our own hedgehogs, like Isaac, using clay. The children explored clay and carefully used the tools to model their hedgehog, even cutting the sticks to the sizes they wanted.

Litter Hunt

Chestnut Class learnt about why we need to use paper sparingly.  We talked about where it comes from, why we need trees and what will happen if we chop all the trees down! The children pretended to be trees and our woodcutter chopped them down for paper.  We realised we wouldn’t have enough oxygen left for everyone.

We looked at plastic pollution and how it is affecting the planet.  We explored ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ and came up with ways to do this.

We finished by doing a litter hunt around school.  We were shocked by how much we found.  We explored which rubbish could be recycled and made sure we had a tidy, clean school.

Bear Trail

Chestnut Class went to the Bear Trail in Cullompton.  We had the best time.  Children learnt to take risks, showing a ‘can do’ attitude and seeking challenge.  This was very much supported by their peers, with children helping each other up obstacles and working out how to overcome challenges.  This was followed by clean clothes and a hot chocolate!  Well done to each of you for your amazing effort and to the parents that helped out on the day.

Rainbow Fish

The children have been learning the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’.  We learnt why it was important to share and talked about the word ‘boastful.’  We enjoyed an amazing workshop where the children got to act out different characters from the story – moving and talking as they would.  They absolutely loved it, maintaining attention throughout and coming up with imaginative responses.

We then practised our number recognition by painting by numbers.  Some children even added number sentences and the answer matched the colour to paint.  Some children painted by numbers then asked to challenge themselves to paint by number sentence.

Stay and Play

Now we are into the Spring term, it is time for our next Stay and Play session.  We are so lucky to have so many parents supporting our children and coming into school to share in our learning.  We understand how hard it is to find the time but it is very much appreciated.  Thank you to all those that attended.




Our learning focus this week has been on following and giving instructions.  We played Simon Says with the children taking turns giving the instructions and trying to catch the class out.

In pairs, they gave each other instructions – thinking of silly things for their friend to do.  One had to pretend to be an owl, while another had to get in a box!

We read the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’.  It was a great story but we soon realised what could go wrong if the instructions were confusing.  They ended up in a pond!  We had a go at giving instructions that weren’t clear to see what would happen – “Go to the wall….we weren’t sure which wall.” “Line up….. we were confused as to where.”

We used our sounds independently to write instructions that the class had to do. We made them pull funny faces, put book bags on their heads….. it was very funny!

Australia Day

This week we focused on Australia.  We changed our Bear Hunt setting and had to go through deserts, rivers with crocodiles and bush fires!

We looked at a didgeridoo and had a go at trying to play it. We dressed up for Australia Day.

We made aboriginal art using cotton buds.  We focused on using ‘Earth’ colours to reflect original aboriginal art.


A Bear Hunt in Australia

The children did such a great job of learning and acting out the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’  They loved exploring the different environments so we changed the story and moved it to Australia.

We talked about everything we knew about Australia.  We came up with a list and changed parts of our story to elements from Australia.

This saw us……..                        going through the desert

putting out bush fires

swimming through rivers infested with crocodiles

navigating forests full of poisonous snakes

The children were very inventive and came up with some great actions to show our new story.